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FLOW - CocoLemon aromatherapeutic body scrub

FLOW - CocoLemon aromatherapeutic body scrub

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Moisturizing body scrub for all skin types with a cheerful citrus and coconut scent.

Suitable for the body, hands and feet, the CocoLemon Body Polish salt scrub makes your skin silky soft and bright. Himalayan crystal salt exfoliates the skin naturally. The world-famous crystal salt also has a calming effect on various skin problems. The effectively caring formula contains organic aloe vera, organic coconut oil and organic lemon.

The authentic scents of cheerful citrus and tropical coconut bring light and joy to even the gray everyday, when you need pampering and cheering up. You can't wait for the next time you get to have a spa moment again!


  1. Massage onto damp skin, while inhaling the scent of essential oils.
  2. Rinse and gently pat dry with a towel.
  3. If your skin is very dry, you can supplement the pampering treatment with, for example, luxurious argan oil

Tip! CocoLemon Body Polish is also suitable for exfoliating feet and hands.

Note! Do not let water into the jar to ensure the preservation of the peel. The product can make the shower floor slippery. Avoid getting the product in the eyes.

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