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FLOW - One With Universe body soap

FLOW - One With Universe body soap

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Aromatherapeutic salt soap suitable for all skin types is also suitable for sensitive and aging skin


Frankinsense oil, known from ancient sacred ceremonies, is the main scent in this soap, which is also used in holistic Indian Ayerveda medicine . In addition, fresh Litsea Cubeba oil that sharpens the senses, but at the same time relaxes. Both are well-known meditation scents. This Himalayan salt soap also contains arctic bilberry seed oil, which is rich in skin-repairing vitamin e.

Mineral-rich salt, blueberry vitamins and a synergistic blend of soothing essential oils have been designed to treat all types of skin, including very dry, sensitive and aging skin.

The fresh, slightly citrusy scent adds satisfaction, peace and serenity to life.

How is this soap different from regular industrial soaps?

  • No artificial ingredients
  • Top quality organic oils are the basis; coconut, shea butter, jojoba
  • Rich in naturally antiseptic Himalayan rock salt
  • Only genuine essential oils as a fragrance
  • Gentle soap is also suitable for washing hair
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